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About Artelling

Artelling was created to apply storytelling to art, because we believe art is the best way to communicate between cultures, countries and religions.


We create art exhibitions and cultural events:

from old masters to contemporary artists;
from exhibitions in world top museums to installations in public spaces and special projects for companies.


We work with a mass market approach, building events to attract and engage huge numbers of people:

Our events are engaging and interactive, use leading edge technology, are tailor made for the chosen locations and, above all, use new languages to connect people with the feelings and emotions only art can exite.

We have worked with some of the most prestigious foundations, such as Modigliani, Dalì, Mirò, Picasso.


We take care of our projects from idea to implementation:

Exhibition/event idea and curatorship
works of art selection
museum and private collectors management
location selection and display coordination
transportation and insurance
advertising and PR