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BRERART mostra d'arte contemporanea a Mialno

BRERART - Milan - 2013

Artelling brings TINA B. and Jozeph Forakis to BRERART

Artelling brings to BRERART some of the 600 artists of TINA B., the surprising contemporary art festival of Prague, and the American Jozeph Forakis, ideal bridge between art and design, an artist that already had an exhibition in MOMA New York and the only solo exhibition by ADI (Industrial Design Association).

Artelling is also organizing the first Italian exhibition of the TINA B. artist Kit Reisch and of the Ukrainian Serge Serghejev, and is showing some works of Simone Fugazzotto and Federico Solmi.


Jozeph Forakis, 20 years of design in Italy

The innovative use of materials and the reflection on the growing influence of technology are the stylistic trade mark of Jozeph Forakis, a New York designer now based in Milan.

Forakis's work is based on an important artistic back-ground and applies to the production of digital objects, furniture, accessories, lighting system.

Among his clients: Samsung, Yamaha Motors, Normann Copenhagen. He has designed iconic pieces for companies such as Motorola, Swatch, Logitech, Foscarini. His work is part of the MoMA permanent collection, New York.

Design is ment in constantl evolution: ideas and forms designed for new behaviors and lifestyles. That's the focus of the project for Plugg: smart tools and apps to make your life easier, available in all Apple Stores.

Among the most recent projects, the new edition of the Great JJ in favor of the charity project "Light Your Heart 2013", supported by Leucos. Ideas with a green soul, that currently involve him in the U.S. start-ups on  wellness high-tech to wear.

During BRERART, Jozeph Forakis has an exhibition at Unopiù.


Kit Reisch: In the Thick of Thin Systems

Kit was born in Texas (USA) and now lives and works in Prague, Czech Republic. He is fascinated with the idea of adaptation and struggle in the midst of new and foreign surroundings. A do-it-yourself aesthetic is an important component of Reisch’s kinetic objects, as he often prefers to leave the hardware and wires which support his sculptures visible to the viewer. He likes to think of his pieces as defiantly struggling – for reasons unknown – in hostile environments.

The artwork in the exhibition “In the Thick of Thin Systems” suggests systems to upturn, examine, throw out or celebrate our interpersonal structures and systems. Architecture seems to be a natural point of cultural critique when we consider that the systems of language, religion, and currency are not required to question the structures within us, before us, between us.

Structure constantly interjects its presence into our lives through our need for it to exist. Architectural structures make up the physical system that we navigate as we move about our daily lives. We have further engineered internal systems and structures – physical foundations as well as psychological mechanisms – that support and accept the weight of our relentless consciousness.

As societies, private companies or individuals create structures to serve their needs, it follows that the structure itself would reflect the character of the creating entity. Architectural forms can be seen as surrogates for people. How do we, as complex structures, look on the inside? Does a stony facade give way to tenderness and warmth? Or does a carefully composed exterior belie frail, rotting supports?

During BRERART, Kit Reisch has an exhibition at LaboExpo Gallery.


Simone Fugazzotto and the monkey, seen as a metaphor for man.

A passionate dance of lines and colors, reveal the visions of a young painter.

Simone Fugazzotto’s artistic voice has been shaped throughout his experiences around the world in quest of a unique identity. Already recognized by the art world, he exhibited his work in the best art galleries of new york, paris and milan.

Though academically developed, Fugazzotto detached from classical influences, experimenting with new ways, fusing figures, textures and concepts over raw canvasat first and concrete at last.

Born in milan, italy in 1983, he started his relationship with visual arts very young: a cartoonist as a child, a lover of art history in adolescence, a painter at the academy. Then the disappointment and the irrepressible drive to find his own art, his own voice, and not the ‘art’ they teach in school, taking advantage of everything that the medium of painting is and can be: the brushwork becomes intense, strong, thick, almost like a scratch, the canvas is an integral part of the work, mixing with the color and texture of the juta, reacting and responding to the brush. Then comes the plexiglass and concrete, born from a need to change, because the mind is in constant turmoil, curious and searching for novelty. In the paintings, figures of "sophisticated" humans in disparate situations, are combined with the figure of monkey - out point of origin, which often represents a model for what we should go back to being - an example of the harmony in which it is possibile to co-exist with nature, a model of simplicity and of integrity.

During BRERART, Simone Fugazzotto shows some news pieces at Hotel Carlyle Brera.


The Best of TINA B !

TINA B presents some of the most important video artists selected in 8 years.

Federico Solmi. Lives and works in New York. In his exhibitions, which often combine articulated installations composed of various media such as videos, drawings, mechanical sculptures and paintings , using bright colors and a satirical aesthetic to portray a dystopian vision of our current society. In 2009, he was honored by the Guggenheim Foundation in New York with the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Fellowship in the category Video and Audio.

The Blue Noses. Artistic duo composed by Alexander (Sasha) Shaburov and Vyacheslav (Slava) Mizin . The group, founded in 1999, is known for their provocative and often satirical works, including photographs, videos and performances on parody and criticism of Russian society, art, politics and religion.

Valentin Teurk. French artist focusing on the special effects of the magnetic field to show how the energy can move the invisible substance. Thanks to the strong magnet he creates unusual experimental films.

Roni Ben Ari. Born in Israel in 1947, from the beginning she has been dedicated to television direction and currently artistic photography. In addition to her native country, Israel, she has exhibited in Paris, New York and Barcelona. This year she won the first prize in the photo competition of the Gala Awards.

During BRERART, there will be a show of the videos at Anteo Spazio Cinema Milano.