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Happy in Italy - Beauty Experience

”Happy in Italy” is an entertaining journey along Italy: Rome, Florence, Pisa, Venice, Milan.


Throughout three engaging immersive sections, visitors will enjoy: 

  • scenes of the Italian landscapes and charming, picturesque squares and streets 
  • artistic masterpieces: Italy is the country with the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world and the exhibition offers the opportunity to see the images of worldwide famous monuments, paintings and statues
  • the Italian people and lifestyle, their faces and their cuisine


Featuring hundreds of images and video clips, real size holograms of statues, digital art videos, video mapping technique, guests will have the feeling of being in Italy.


The exhibition is an immersive multimedia show, exciting all senses:

  • Sight, with beautiful, huge images of Italian artistic masterpieces and beautiful scenes of the Italian countryside
  • Hearing, with engaging Italian music
  • Touch, with interactive elements
  • Taste, with authentic delicious Italian food
  • Smell


Discover the light, the colors, the joy of Italy, its love for art, good food, life and beauty.

The exhibition was developed by Bedeschi Film (the company that made the videos for the Italian Pavillion in Expo 2015) and Artelling.

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