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Our Team

Artelling was founded by four partners, at the center of a network of companies specialized in creation of art exhibitions and cultural events.

Partners had diverse cultural, academic and professional backgrounds, coming from experiences in art/cultural exhibitions, travel and tourism, partnerships creation and international cooperation, having successfully implemented initiatives in Europe, Israel, UAE, Qatar, USA, Brazil, China.


SERENA BACCAGLINI. International art curator, art advisor and curator of TINA B Contemporary Art Festival of Prague, member of the Scientific Committee of Lucca Center of Contemporary Art. Journalist for Ok Arte Milano. Other experiences: art supervisor for Innovation Lab ASAM Università Cattolica, Director of the art and events division of MRA.

MONIKA BURIAN JOURDAN. Founder and director of the Prague Contemporary Art Festival - TINA B, owner of the Vernon art Gallery, international art curator.

FRANCO FONTANA. Expert in import-export and joint ventures, China and Far East markets and WFOE, president DMTG Europe. In the past Partner of AM Consultant, General Manager of CMT, Sales and Marketing Manager Lastra, Business Unit Manager Kodak, System Analyst IBM.

SILVIA PUGI. Strong experience in marketing, communication and sales and board member of Manageritalia. In the past Commercial Director ASAM Catholic University, Marketing Director Valtur, Commercial Director Fastweb retail, Marketing Manager Vodafone, Analyst Booz Allen & Hamilton.